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Green Meeting & Conference Planning

Tough times, we’ll all agree, but business has to go on and as a meeting planner, you know that choosing a hotel with which you feel comfortable in conducting this vital part of your business, is no easy task.

To host any meeting, you need to give people new experiences—ones they’ll talk about for years, but in the current climate, you also know that you need to be aware that you can answer to the credentials of the chosen location.

Hosting an environmentally responsible meeting is an important statement about your company. Not alone is it a statement that your company means business, but that your company is not being reckless with its resources.  So how do you do both?

The answer might well be ‘The Macreddin Green-Meet’, BrookLodge’s own green meeting and conference planning option.

The Macreddin Green-Meet provides a meeting structure and a destination that allows you carry on in a conscious free environment ‘the business of business’ and encourages maximum waste diversion, and environmental awareness for conference attendees.

For more information or to make a conference enquiry, please email or phone 0402 36444

Dining in Macreddin Village – 4 Unique Options

Hog Spit Roast

A Spit Roast is a fantastic way to have a casual dining experience, and in true Macreddin style, it will blow your guests away – visually and taste-wise.  Our chefs lovingly roast one of our own pigs, lambs or a kid goat for 8 hours to create a sumptuous feast for your guests.  Our chefs will then carve to order and serve a selection of organic salads and breads from our Organic Bakery.

The Big Table Experience @ The Strawberry Tree Restaurant

This is the ideal way for colleagues to bond in the convivial setting of a traditional big table with artisan foods prepared in the kitchen of Ireland’s only certified Organic Restaurant, The Strawberry Tree. The Big Table provides a unique opportunity to sample a menu that simply cannot be served in a normal restaurant setting, presented on a single table that can stretch from 12 to 44 people.

All the food arrives together toThe Big Table in the style of a Feast and is presented on platters in the centre of the table for guests to pick and choose, and to mix and match the foods 'til their hearts content! Guests are encouraged to help serve the person on both sides of them, helping to add to the conviviality and atmosphere of the table.

Macreddin Barbeque

Macreddin Barbeques are simply delicious….. Our Chef’s serve you a selection of meats & fish fresh from the Barbeque, while our crew are on hand with tasty salad’s and delicious freshly made breads. The Apple Orchard is the ideal venue for your Barbeque; however don’t worry if the weather is against us, as we have an indoor venue too. Perfect for lunch or an informal dinner.

Mommas Table @ La Taverna Armento

Why not opt for a traditional Southern Italian “Momma’s Table” with foods prepared by our chefs that have visited and trained in the village of Armento in Southern Italy. This is similar to The Big Table in The Strawberry Restaurant but with an Italian Twist!

You begin with your Anti Pasti to share, followed by platters from a selection of the nights menu for you and your guests to pick and choose. Guests can then relax with our own Tiramisu and perhaps an espresso or amaretto, and watch the world go by, in true Italian style!