Corporate Incentives & Activities

Corporate activities are a way of boosting staff integration and loyalty, enhancing business relationships and winding down after intense work schedules.

At The BrookLodge we work closely with the top event management companies from the country and some of the many exciting activities include the following:

Corporate Activities

Wild Foods Masterclass

Wild Mushrooms

Presents an opportunity for participants to learn and discover in depth knowledge about Ireland’s abundance of Wild Foods. The Wild Foods Master Class, by Evan Doyle and the Chefs from the kitchens of The Strawberry Tree restaurant, includes Demonstrations and Practicals and is the only regular course of its kind in Ireland.

Off Road Driving

Off Road Driving

4x4 Off Road Driving in Macreddin Woods. The Ireland Xtreme team takes you to the top of Macreddin Woods, for one of Ireland?s great views. Thick forest, near-impassable terrain, steep climbs and a serious amount of mud guarantees that you and your specially prepared Land Rover are given a real workout.

Blindfold Driving is an excellent team building event (as part of Off Road Driving package). The driver (your colleague) is blindfolded and is instructed by team mates to tackle obstacles strategically placed in a dedicated area in Macreddin Woods. Each person is given the opportunity to take part in this.

The Gaelic Games Experience

Gaelic Games

Experience Gaelic Games is a hands-on activity which explains the cultural phenomena of Gaelic Games. It’s full of fun and laughter and an ideal break out activity for conference groups. It’s suitable for both genders and all ages – it’s the most memorable, authentic and fun Irish experience visitors can have.

The Eco Experience

Human Sheep Herding

100% Natural Team Building Event Craft Demonstrations, Displays & Activities. A celebration of the richness of Ireland’s traditions can be experienced in this truly fascinating and interactive programme. The BrookLodge Hotel and The Orchard Centre has tapped into local crafts people who delight in sharing with our guests their unique crafts.

Indoor and Outdoor Team Building

Group Drumming

These completely new, exciting and innovative team building events, can be held either indoor or outdoor which makes them ideal for the Irish Climate. With the emphasis on team work and fun, the activities draw on a range of skills that concentrate on helping management enhance their business performance through their people.



Join Robin Hood and his merry men in Macreddin Forest. Archery is a versatile, competitive sport where your skill and accuracy are tested to the full. You will not be disappointed. Full instruction is provided prior to and during the activity by our Archery Instructors who have been trained by the Ex-Irish Olympic Coach. Group sessions usually last about an hour, with several competitions included.

The Survivor Challenge

Survivor Challenge

Ireland's Newest and most exciting Team Building Activity, The Survivor Challenge, is a fun, high energy, event suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and is available to setup virtually anywhere! This Challenge requires teams to think, plan and then make their move. Teams must continuously assess their performance and reassign their resources to enhance their progress. Your team must complete simple physical but mentally taxing challenges. The Survivor challenge demands team cooperation, communication, project management and complete resource participation.

Rope Courses

Rope Course

Rope Courses include: The Stepping Stones, The Mohawk Walk, Rope Bridge, The Zip Wire, Spider Web, and much more. This is a real team builder as the entire team totally depends on each team member to complete the tasks. Tasks can be tailored to each group to be more physically or mentally challenging.

Clay Shooting

Clay Shootin Course

Clay Shooting is an unrivalled way to entertain clients or reward staff. Shotgun sports are a safe and enjoyable sport for men and women of all ages. Our experienced instructors will be on hand to give tuition, guidance and supervision, ensuring your safety throughout each shoot. Group sessions usually last about an hour, with each participant shooting approximately 35 ? 40 Clays.

Xtreme Forest Adventure


Xtreme Forest Adventure is an exciting team-building activity that fosters group effectiveness in a unique way. Your group is divided into teams, each with its own set of clues to find and objectives to complete. Some clues can only be found when the teams complete a "challenge" - a fun test of the team's determination. These challenges vary from group to group but can include physical "Crystal Maze" types of challenges. Clues can also be presented as Trivial Pursuit style questions or other brain teasers. We can also add questions about your company, if required.

Conference Breakers

Have a Break ? Break out of that meeting and clear the head for 30 minutes or an hour and refresh your Team with a Conference Breaker. Choose from one of the following.

Bridge Building Challenge


Bridge Building Challenge - There are several steps involved in this challenge. To start with there are 400 large wooden blocks, a river, and a components to make a floatation device. Good Communication, Planning and Team Work are vital for success in this challenge. Its not all plain sailing, all hands must be on deck to get the bridge built in the allocated time period.

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect - Teams are armed with Digital Cameras and 30 images of locations, moving targets & other unusual photographic material that is located around the estate. The idea is simple, but not as easy as it initially seems as Teams must plan ahead for this one and delegate if they are to succeed at this challenge within the time period.

Giant Jenga


Giant Jenga - Your instructor will give you a full brief covering all the rules & tactics needed to attack the opposing Team. This is a real test of skill and hand-eye coordination, two teams compete at each Jenga Tower. Planning, skill & balance are put to the test, but watch out, as the tower grows so does the chance of it falling over; the loosing Team is the last Team to touch the Tower.

Cocktail Making

Cocktail Making

Cocktail Making Demonstration - Let our pro's demonstrate their talent in the art of cocktail making - and you get to sample the results! Mmmm...

Organic v Conventional No chemicals, no preservatives, no hangover! Well not quite, but with up to 68 different chemicals permitted in conventional wines, this wine tasting gives us a clear insight as to what we're putting inside our bodies.

Bubbles & Bubbly - Champagne is sparkling wine but not all sparkling wine is Champagne! An opportunity to explore and sample Europe's historical love of wine with bubbles. From 'Crement' to 'Cava' to 'Prosecco' to 'Spumante'? to 'Champagne'. A fun session comparing these sparklers.

The Fast Forward, Bomb-proof Guide to basic Wines - A quick overview on the basic grape varieties, together with a light hearted and cheerful down to earth talk on why we find this ‘tipple’ so interesting.