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Macreddin Village Organic Brown Bread

Macreddin Brown Bread

What goes in

375 grams Organic Whole-meal flour
500 grams Organic natural yoghurt
75 grams Organic black strap Molasses or Treacle
9 grams Baking Powder
5 grams Bread Soda
3 grams Fine Sea Salt
1 small Organic egg
25mls Organic Sunflower oil

How it goes

Mix all ingredients, until it forms a light, nearly runny dough, similar to the consistency of porridge. Flour a baking tin, pour in mixture and bake at 230 degrees for 14 minutes. Then drop temperature to 180 degrees. Fan Assisted Oven - reduce 160 over the same time-span and bake for an hour.

How to finish

Let the bread rest for 1 hour in the tin before taking it out. Fully cool out, on a wire rack.

What you get

Is a firm moist brown bread that works well cut hot or warm, but will also keep for a day or two with the moisture from the yoghurt and molasses. What you also get is the perfect accompaniment to our Wild garlic Pesto.