The Strawberry Tree - Recipes

Roast Rack of Spring Lamb, Baby Carrots, Wild Cream Garlic

1 rack of lamb
15 baby carrots
100gr of wild garlic
50cl cream
2 shallots
½ glass basic sauvignon blanc
2 sprig’s parsley
3 gloves garlic
50gr butter
Sprig of rosemary

Pan sear the lamb for 3 minutes each side, Leave to rest.
Put carrots, garlic, thyme and butter in oven proof tray, place lamb on top, roast for 20-25 minutes gas mark 6 (180 c) for medium.

Dice the shallots, sweat with 10 gr of butter. When golden add wine, chopped wild garlic, cream, and reduce by half.

Build carrots on plate, place lamb on side and cream plate with sauce.