Facts and Figures

Streaming of Food Waste

Dry Food Waste

To avoid unnecessary Land-Fill, the hotel has purchased a Bio-Digester (at a cost of 30,000) to compost all dry food waste. This process takes 6 weeks and the compost is used to enrich the soil of the hotels Herb Garden and is also supplied to local Organic Vegetable growers.

Wet Food Waste

All wet food waste is sent to Co. Louth to be processed into Bio-Fuel for the generation of electricity without the use of fossil fuels.

Streaming of Hotel Waste

All waste is separately collected which means that we can take full advantage of a wide variety of re-cycling companies and facilities. This means, that with the exception of mixed waste and light bulbs, there are no charges incurred by us - making good business as well as environmental sense.

1 All mixed waste 1100Lt bins per pickup/disposal weekly
2 All bailed plastic Free pickup/disposal every 2 weeks
3 All bailed cardboard Free pickup/disposal every 2 weeks
4 All bailed shredded paper Free pickup/disposal every 2 weeks
5 All bailed tin/aluminium Free pickup/disposal every 2 weeks
6 All bulbs - 1100Lt bin Charge when full
7 All bailed brown paper Free pickup/disposal every 2 weeks
8 All batteries - 240Lt bin Free pickup/disposal when full
9 All bailed newspapers/magazines Free pickup/disposal every 2 weeks


The Hotel has invested heavily (250,000) in providing its own facility to treat effluent. This state of the art plant is also quite unusual in that the finishing stages of the process uses Irish Peat as a natural filter.


The Hotel has commissioned a Wood Chip Plant (67,000) to provide all the current heat for the building and for the Spa and Pool. Bio-Mass fuels such as wood chip are not only eco-friendly, removing the need to use fossil fuels, but are also Carbon Neutral. The calculated carbon saving to the atmosphere by the hotel will be in excess of 356 tonnes if CO2 per annum.

New conference centre, bedrooms and function rooms will use Geo-Thermal heat sourced from underground springs to generate heat for the buildings. This process negates the use of fossil fuels.

Air conditioning provided to all the Hotel Suites uses new technology in the form of Heat Pumps to generate Hot Water for the Hotel from the heat extracted from the Bedrooms. The condenser unit, the first of its kind in Ireland, incurred an investment of 50% more than conventional units (64,000)


The Hotel invests heavily in Organic Producers (currently in excess of 1 million per annum) The Strawberry Tree is the only licensed Restaurant in Ireland. The Hotel Bakery is also licensed. Both The Herb Garden and the woodland adjacent to The Hotel are also licensed.

Calculated savings on the use of chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) by just one local Organic Farm supplying vegetables to the Hotel is in excess of 9 Tonnes per annum.

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