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Long, long time ago… well, back in 1988 when Green and Organic was far from fashionable, a restaurant called The Strawberry Tree opened and nailed its colours firmly to the wall. By September ’92 it had gone public with a press release stating that it would no longer use adulterated conventional foods in it’s kitchen.

Fast-forward to 1999 and The Doyle Brothers open the doors of The BrookLodge Hotel and revitalised the Village of Macreddin, including the re-locating of The Strawberry Tree. With this came a simple commitment ‘to do it right’ and to invest in a greener future.

In a promise to its customers that the food they ate would be unadulterated and chemical free, The Strawberry Tree became the first, and only, restaurant in Ireland to hold a Full Organic Licence.

From 1999, well before Streaming Waste became ‘mainstream’, the BrookLodge was encouraging it’s waste collection companies to accept separated waste for re-cycling. Now the hotel has 15 Streams for waste.

One Waste Stream investment was in a Bio-Digester which turns diner’s leftovers and kitchen waste into useable compost in only six weeks. This highly nutritious and organic compost is used to enrich the soil of the hotels Organic Herb Garden and is supplied to its farmers to benefit future crops. Thus completing the full circle back to the kitchen and onto the diner’s plates.

The Hotel sources and purifies it’s own spring water for the guests. And with the waste…..yes, it has to be talked about, well that’s taken care of with a serious commitment in its own facility using state of the art machinery combined with an approved filtration system of peat moss and mussel shells provided by Bord na Mona.

The BrookLodge became the first Hotel in Ireland to commit to an investment in Biomass fuels. It now has two, 200 KVA, Wood Chip Burners supplied with local wood off-cuttings, generating enough power to heat the entire Hotel and its hot water.

With the expansion of the Hotel and the discovery of yet another spring during construction, it was decided to investigate and install Ireland’s largest Geo-Thermal Hotel Heat recovery system which heats both swimming pools and gives the Wood Chip Burners a kick start with 30 degrees of temperature virtually free.

All the above, and more that hasn’t been touched upon, does not come without cost. But after investing more than 2 million euros in a Greener future, The BrookLodge & Macreddin Village have made a very busy and successful statement that this is indeed…..the way forward.

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Over 250,000 guests have enjoyed Organic Food, free from chemicals, preservatives, pesticides and other nasties since we opened our doors. The only thing we add is Maldon Salt and Organic Black Pepper.


Since we’ve added carbon-neutral Bio-mass Burners and Green Energy Systems we’ve reduced our Gas consumption by 522,000 Litres per annum. It’s still in the ground for future generations to use.


When recycling was the kids making a rocket out of a Quix bottle, we were sorting our Waste, we now have Fifteen Streams. If we didn’t we’d be adding 988 by 1,100 Litre Containers to landfill every year.


If we purchased conventional meat, dairy and vegetables instead of Organic, 36 Tonnes per annum of extra chemicals, herbicides, pesticides etc. would have been used to produce the food.


The first Hotel in Ireland to commission Wood Chip Burners and the only Hotel to have 26 Kilometres of underground pipe work extracting non-polluting Geo-Thermal Heat for its guests.


Our own state-of-the-art effluent plant can treat up to 77 Cubic Metre's a day and is quite unusual, in that the finishing stages of the process uses Irish Peat as a natural filter.

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