Wedding Menus


... and the land wakens to longer evenings. Meadows of frolicking lambs, first greens and bursting buds. The birds home from abroad fill the vales with song and somewhere, along a deep slow river, the first salmon leaps...


... strawberries and full blooming flowers, lush meadows and carefree picnics, blue skies and warm waters, swallows, ladybirds and those balmy summer nights filled with the heady scent of honeysuckle...


... crisp evenings and nights closing. Autumnal berries and those earthy flavours of wild mushroom and nuts. The land all hay and russet coloured, alive with busy harvest for halloween and other feasts...


... crisp snow on sleeping land, and the fires that welcome and those heart-warming drinks - the mulled wine, and the hot toddy. Wild foods of the game season culminating in the biggest feast of the year...


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Drinks & Canapes


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