Taste Council’s Summer Feast in Macreddin “one of the greatest events in Irish culinary history”

In John McKenna’s final blog of 2011, he announced his Megabytes Awards and we were thrilled to be included.

Inspiration of the Year: The Taste Council Summer School, Brook Lodge, Macreddin
Some events are important because they create a new language with which we can dicuss the things that matter. The first Taste Council Summer School, orchestrated by Evan Doyle and held at Macreddin’s Brook Lodge Hotel, was just such an event and its three sessions, on Middle Farm Agriculture, Education and Food, and Brand Ireland, have given Irish food a new lexicon within which we can frame the debate of the future and our food. The evening feast, with all the food coming from Wicklow (save for David Llewellyn’s Dublin wines), was one of the greatest events in Irish culinary history.