Bridgestone Guide Book 2008

100 Best Places To Stay 2008

It’s been a normal sort of year in The BrookLodge. The new golf course well underway, with the ever-smiling Paul McGinley smiling his way through the project, stopping smiling only if someone mentions Nick Faldo, perhaps. Luxury houses on the estate built and sold.

And, in the meantime, a red-hot hotel destination cooking better food than ever, offering better service than ever, offering a better experience than ever, with thunderously successful monthly farmers’ markets on sunny Sundays. Our last notes on the hotel begin by saying “One hopes the book will be written about what E. D. (Evan Doyle) has achieved in the B.L’s first decade”. Such a book would be a mighty primer in how to create a destination from a green field site. “The book needs to be written on the development of the idea: making ideas real”. And that is just what the BrookLodge is: an idea, and an ideal, made real, in lurid, bold, brilliant brilliance.


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