Image Magazine - September 2005

Beauty Spy

The Treatment: 'Just The Two Of Us' - Serail Mud Bath for two, followed by a hot tub, finished with aromatheray massag, side by side, €250 per couple; Decleor Aroman Facial, €80.

"The Mud Bath reminded me of my gap year in Thailand - lots of dirt and intense wet heat. The Hot Tub was much cooler, I felt like an extra from a Miami gangster movie, and the massage part was so relaxing I had a little doze.

Best, though, was the float - it completely cleared my mind and left me feeling like I'd had a full night's sleeep. We're both foodies and the hotel's organic restaurant was an extra draw, where I proved my manliness, despite the moisturiser, by tackling shark. I couldn't get enough of our split-level suite, complete with bedside stand-alone bath and plasma screen TV, where I relaxed with a glass or two of the excellent locally-brewed beer."